Shadow Lines (2014) 

For cello, pre-recorded cello, and electronics
Duration 10 minutes
Commissioned by VisisonIntoArt for Jeffrey Zeigler

Program Notes:

Shadow Lines was commissioned and premiered by former cellist of Kronos quartet, Jeffrey Zeigler. In this piece I intended to utilize pre-recorded and live-looping of cello as well as the instrument itself to its fullest capacity. The piece is divided into three sections, each exploring the lyrical, percussive and harmonic capabilities of the cello. Shadow Lines is an abstract aural representation of the formation of a visual phenomenon: Double Vision. Scored for solo cello, pre-recorded cello and electronics, I envisioned the piece in three distinct sections, each highlighting the lyrical, rhythmic, and harmonic capacities of the cello. Through the use of delay effects as well as layering of the cello lines, a musical take on "double vision" is portrayed within each section. In using looping and pre-recorded material, my goal was to reach beyond an expected, static sound world. Therefore, some loops are long as 20 measures, forming independent lines and an elusion to the addition of another cello.

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Something of Life

Innova Recordings

Shadow Lines is featured on Jeffrey Zeigler’s debut solo album, Something of Life, released in 2014 on Innova Recordings.

Available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes.