Concert Reviews:

  • “The second half opened with remarkable music by Iranian composer Gity Razaz. “In the Midst of Flux” is the work of a master, albeit a young one (she was born in Teheran in 1986). A set of loosely related episodes, this music evokes her emigré family’s lost world. Skirting the dangers of mere nostalgia, she summons real memory (always unsettled and whirling) before us in all its fragmentary and jagged incompleteness. Full of gorgeous color, the piece shimmers with longing and uncertainty until a final bell-like thunderclap of sound suspends both time and memory. Breathtaking.” –The San Diego Union-Tribune

  • “Gity Razaz is a unique composer. Her Middle-Eastern roots have merged with her Western sensibilities to produce music that is both original and startling. She is on her way to becoming a major force in contemporary music.” –John Corigliano

  • “The Metamorphosis of Narcissus,” by Gity Razaz, an Iranian composer, was a world apart: a narcotic mix of dreamy French horn and clarinet calls, limpid Impressionist timbres and electronically induced expanse. Ms. Razaz’s music was ravishing and engulfing throughout…” –New York Times

  • “Tonally and lyrically inventive, pleasingly melodic, emotional but firmly in control of its passions.” –Blogcritics

  • “Deftly composed… original…” –ConcertoNet

  • “Offered shimmering and pliant textures…” –New York Times

  • “Skillfully composed and sophisticated in its orchestration…” –SoundWordSigh

  • “Razaz was fascinated by the story’s progression, which she illuminates with swirling motifs…one kept, intriguingly, hearing what sounded like electronic washes, gently augmenting the acoustic instruments…” –New York Classical Review

  • “[Light, for solo piano] Bittersweet rays sooth the weary soul, tempered with bits of jazz; one-tone finish.” –JWR

Selected Articles & Interviews:

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